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Presented by State Library Victoria

The Bird

The bird has been in this cage many times before.

She knows the darkness of this place well.

The familiarity provides little comfort,

Because bars are still bars,

And locks are still locks.


The girl has been trapped in her mind many times before,

She has lost herself in a sea of her thoughts.

She has been so fixated on all that she should become,

That she forgets all that she is.

The familiarity provides little comfort.

Just because you know what your deepest darkness looks like,

Does not mean that it does not still petrify you.

Just because you have been to the edge of your soul,

Does not mean you aren’t scared of falling off the cliff..

And although thoughts are just thoughts,

They have a way of twisting themselves around you,

Inhibiting all movement and squandering every hope of growth.

If she leaves her thoughts unchecked for long enough,

They will become the bars and locks that use to bind her.


There are other ways of making people into ghosts. – Harper Lee


The girl has learnt to free herself before.

She has learnt to turn on the light,

In the midst of her deepest darkness.

She has learnt to cling to a lifeboat,

When the roar of her mind begins to crash like waves overhead.

She has learnt to fight with everything she has.

But she has also learnt to exist in the dark.

She has learnt to embrace the panic,

To allow the thoughts to overcome her.

She has learnt to rest and regenerate.

She has learnt to wait.

Because just when it feels like it might all become too much,

She is able to embrace it all.

She stretches herself and wraps her arms around her broken bits.

She gives her soul a hug.

She shakily rebuilds herself,

And watches the cage shatter.


Just like that,

The frantic fluttering of wings stops.

The bird soars high.

Because thoughts are just thoughts.



That's beautiful. Sometimes I feel like that.

2w ago

You have got to teach us all about poem writing!

2w ago
inky Centre for Youth Literature

We all need soul hugs sometimes.

2w ago